Passive Income Advisors is an Asset Management Company that manages a portfolio of real estate assets in Inglewood and adjacent communities.  Over the last 10+ years, the portfolio has grown in size to include not only real property but also intangible property such as Stadium Seat Licenses (SSLs) for Professional Sports Teams, Books, Music, etc.  Thus, it became more efficient to bring asset management in-house to ensure the portfolio of assets were synchronized to maximize the value of the collective assets for all for the benefit of our Community Residents, Shareholders, and/or Partners such as the LA Rams and LA Chargers.

With the complexities and tight coordination required due to the COVID19/CORONAVIRUS, it became imperative for the largest shareholder, Gena Lofton to have visibility and effectively communicate across these disparate asset classes. The reality is that “If one fails they all FAIIf one succeeds they all SUCCEED. Thus, Passive Income Advisors Asset Management will build out capabilities across all their Asset classes providing our clients such as our Community Residents/Tenants with a seamless integrated and efficient experience so they benefit across all of the collective set of assets in a synergistic manner.

We felt it would be better for the protection of the LIVES of our clients/tenants, partners, service providers and their Families if we were an integrated Asset Management Company for the benefit of all of our Community who are OUR FAMILY. Our shareholders have a deep belief that when people are able to achieve their full potential, their lives, and society in general, are elevated. Creating communities, companies, and partnerships that are distinctive, engaging, and unique is what we do best.   Perhaps, we’re a bit rebellious and unconventional in our thinking, but seeing neighbors become friends, and friends become a Community is what fuels our fire and doing so safely so they live a long fulfilling life pursuing their goals, dreams, and aspirations to the best of their abilities.  We formulate ideas, identify trends, and explore niches within the marketplace together and share this knowledge within our tight-knit community.  If they succeed we all succeed.

We buy and/or manage assets worth buying and it doesn’t matter what type of asset and we partner vs. compete let’s call us “Frenemies”.  Yes, we own the LA Chargers and LA Rams and Love them Equally.  We own apartments in different jurisdictions and love them equally.  Thus, we are an equal opportunity LOVER of all ASSETS, that’s our AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, thus we are compliant with the obsolete Federal Mandates created by the lawyers in the Federal Government, State, and Local Municipalities.

Creating and Maximizing Shareholder value across various asset classes such as real estate, Intellectual Property, Businesses, etc. is hard work. Our approach, intellect, skill sets, experience, and overall grit provide our partner’s institutional-quality investment returns and we believe in building a Dynasty which can be bequeathed to our shareholders and their charitable organizations for future generations and the benefit of humanity. The method to our madness is to keep the wind upon our backs and to ensure we work hard to get our capital back within 3 years without selling the asset(s).

While others may be confused, we are clear. While others are constrained, we are flexible. While others chase fads, we discover trends. While others see adversity, we uncover opportunity. We are unique in that we are multi-functional and multi-dimensional polymaths.  We understand global supply chains, multinational currencies, industries, sectors, intellectual property, and best of breed technologies and more importantly, we use these tools, technologies, and competencies to execute flawlessly across all of the Assets under management.

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