Our Community Page is intended to share resources with our community residents.

We keep our tenants safe with Technology. If others own assets then they can use RentRedi and will receive 20% off your 1st year of an already low price and fully functional COVID19 complaint technology.

ASSET MANAGERS should ensure that the lives of Tenants and Service Providers are our TOP Priority.

Governments at both the national and local levels have put programs in place to help individuals and small businesses recover from the economic impact of COVID-19.

Many jurisdictions are just beginning to pass regulations and discuss economic relief options, so we intend to continue to update this page as new information becomes available. Below you’ll find resources specific to Los Angeles County California.

We do NOT provide legal, financial, nor tax advice but we want to give you some useful information and resources that may help you better understand relief opportunities. If you have more questions, please contact these government agencies directly or consult a lawyer and/or tax professional.

Support Local Businesses & Other Useful Sites

  • Learn more about the LA RAMS here.

  • Learn more about the LA Chargers here.

  • Learn more about the LA Clippers here.

  • Learn more about the LA Lakers here.

  • Learn more about the LA Dodgers here.

  • Learn more about the LA Kings here.

  • Facemasks and PPE can be procured from Glorkaas they are in New York and Los Angeles. The hardest hit by the COVID19 Virus.

  • Buy great sandwiches from Mike’s Deli you can buy online and pick up. One sandwich is enough for a family of four (4) people.

  • Learn more about the NFL and their plans via this link.

  • Order food for delivery via Melody they have great drinks too.

  • Also here is the trailer of the real-life movie the globe is living in the present day. You have to watch this movie as I am in Entertainment and LA is the capital and this global pandemic is this movie on steriods.

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